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This is the Personal blog of a student from Boston Massachusetts named Adam. This blog consists of bands and tattoos and such. I also cosplay and go to conventions. Message me if you'd like to talk I'm pretty friendly!
Things to note about me.
I'm single and intend to stay that way.
I'm a dad
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transparent pokeball
idk who wouldn’t want that on their blog

this is amazing



transparent pokeball

idk who wouldn’t want that on their blog

this is amazing


The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them

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Anonymous asked
Confession? I'm confused, I want someone to love, cuddle, make happy, and shower with praise. I don't care about gender, just as long as they make my heart speed up. But I can't go any further than that. If I start thinking about sex, I get really turned off about the idea of a relationship. I don't know if I'm being selfish, or rude. I think I'm straight? But the idea about getting intimate makes me gag. I think I might have a (huge) crush on my female friend, does that mean I'm bi? idk anymore

you are who you are who gives a fuck about labels that put your sexuality/romantic interests into a box.
being grossed out/ turned off by sex doesn’t make you weird or anything. its just a preference that you have. look for people that have that same preference or understand that you have that preference and respect it.

renegadewitch asked
hello Adam! I've talked to a few other users but I've seen that you have a lot of good advice so I thought I'd ask you too :3 I'm genderfluid but mostly feel like a guy (he/him pronouns + gender-neutral name) I'm not quite sure how to explain this to my friends/family. Help?

just like you told me.
tell them sometimes you feel like one gender sometimes you feel like another.
gender isnt something you’re born with its an identity and yours just changes from time to time. tell them its who you are.
always be yourself and never someone you’re not 

Anonymous asked
confession: i recently came out as trans* (not to my family or anything, just to a few close friends and sort of onto tumblr) and i've been happier ever since I came out

good always be who you are

All these confessions are really fucking sad.

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When was your daughter born/how old is she :?

She was born on feb 7 2014 at 6:16pm

Anonymous asked
Confession: I kind of feel like I was forced into my current relationship with my girlfriend. I feel like the only thing she wants to ever do is make out. I'm too chicken to tell her about how I feel.

get out of it. unhealthy relationships dont get better with time i can promise you

Anonymous asked
If you had sex without using protection, I believe you knew the consequences of your actions, you and the mother are responsible for the child, not everyone else. If you couldn't afford a box of condoms what makes you think you can afford to raise a child for 18 years?



Who the fuck do you think you are? Not only was protection used. But what makes you think this baby isn’t being taken care of? Who the fuck do you think you are to come to my blog and patronize me about things you have no information on? Grow a pair and show your fucking face my daughter has bigger balls than you.

To add to that, raising a child for 18 years is cheaper than getting custody of a child when both parents are capable parents. So technically he could have a box of condoms and still ended up with a child that he could raise, just funding a lawyer (maybe even child support) would be to much (most likely for both parents). My parents spent a fortune trying to get custody of me from my mother and they paid child support before that and it STILL didn’t cost as much as the custody battle. (It is called a battle for that reason). As well Adam wants more visitation, what’s wrong with that? What, suddenly poor people can’t see their kids? You’re a joy.

I don’t even want more. I just want to see her.


seeing a post u want to reblog after you hit the scroll to top button


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Anonymous asked
Confession: I'm torn between two people in my life who I care deeply about. One being the love of my childhood and the other the too scared to speak up about my feelings years ago before they moved but now they're back. I constantly rip myself apart not being able to choose just one of them to be with when that is my only option. Just one. Perhaps that makes having no relation with them the best choice but I have often cried myself to sleep because I don't want to lose either of them.

Well it comes down to who do you care about more. Assuming they both want to be with you if you pick one the other will be hurt and you cant control how that reaction will go.
The logical choice isn’t the one you will
take. Logic and love very rarely come together.
Its up to you to make a choice or not.